Design of furniture in new high school will be key, architects say

SJCF Architect Troy Hertel discusses the new Junction City High School's floor plans during a special board meeting Thursday.

Architects for the new Junction City High School gave an overview of its latest designs Tuesday during a special Unified School District 475 board meeting.

“They’ve drilled down now where they’re working with individual teachers and their academic space,” Chief Operations Officer David Wild said.

SJCF Architect Troy Hertel discussed spaces within the new school design. He said some storage spaces would be located in classrooms.

“Storage is always important and teachers like to have storage,” he said. 

The type of furniture used in the high school will be an important decision, Hertel said. The types of techniques teachers utilize require much more collaborative learning, which presents a need for flexible furniture, Hertel said.

“We want to make sure we’re designing that classroom or that space for that five, 10, 20 years on down the road,” he said.

Lab spaces, which include welding shops, construction labs, and culinary arts, were also discussed. Hertel said architects would like to work with teachers in those specific lab areas to determine how to make sure all the specific needs are covered for those spaces — including ventilation needs, equipment requirements and safety measures. 

Board Vice President Anwar Khoury asked if there had been any discussions between architects and students.

Hertel said they were scheduled to meet with students, but ultimately weren’t able to at the scheduled time. Discussions were held during a previous meeting with a student group in May. Hertel said architects are going to try and meet with students again. 

“This school has to be student focused,” Khoury said. “They’re the ones who sit there for eight hours.”    

Wild said he hopes to achieve a design approval when the board meets in early November.

“What we’re really seeking is the go ahead with construction document generation,” he said. 

Architects plan to continue talks on spatial needs with different departments.

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