Local NextHome Unlimited owner to open new location

The inside of the Junction City office of NextHome Unlimited. Owner Steven Burch will open an office in Manhattan soon, in addition to his Abilene and Junction City locations.

Submitted Photo by Josh Junghans

Steven Burch is branching out.

The owner of NextHome Unlimited in Junction City is expanding to add an office in Manhattan. 

Burch said there were several reasons he chose to do this expansion now.

The local Tallgrass Association of Realtors and the Manhattan Association of Realtors are currently in process of merging and this is one of the primary drivers of this decision to open a new office in Manhattan, he said.

“I just really felt that it was a really good move for us,” he said. “We’re going to be covering eight counties within that association.”

Burch said he believes adding this new office will provide more opportunities for the agents who work for him.

He said he believes this decision will provide a chance to bring other agents into his business.

“I think that being able to really hone in on the regionalism, being able to really bring people who are coming into the Manhattan/Junction City/Fort Riley area we’ll be able to better provide them an array and be able to jump different markets basically county-wise,” Burch said. “I think that’s going to be huge for us.”

He felt it was the right time to open a new location. It was initially his goal to open the new office by the end of the year.

“It just was an opportunity that I could not pass up ... It just was the right time,” Burch said. “We’re going into the extremely busy season and (there’s) no better time to make a splash into the market.”

He said he doesn’t view this as a divide or a operation from his Junction City office, but a growth.

“We’re just extremely excited,” Burch said.

The new office will be located at 1212 Bluemont Ave. suite 110 in Manhattan. Burch also has a location in Abilene. 

Burch’s Manhattan location currently has six agents employed with it. The Junction City office employs 12 agents and three staff members, and the Abilene office employs three agents.

“My goal is to keep on growing as the market allows,” Burch said.

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