Locals walk more than 8,000 miles during Bramlage Family Walk A Mile Day

Students at Milford Elementary had local fire department and sheriff's department escorts as they participated in the Bramlage Family Walk A Mile event Friday.

Unified School District 475 schools Friday participated in a Bramlage Family Walk A Mile Day, a program that was started to encourage children who went to school in their own neighborhoods to walk to school for exercise. 

Oct. 4 was previously recognized as the national Walk A Mile Day. The Geary Community Healthcare Foundation began hosting Walk A Mile Days in 2006. Kay Deever, the administrative assistant at the foundation, started the program, and the USD 475 schools walked more than 5,500 miles the first year it was co-sponsored with Larry McGary DDS, Total Care Dentistry. The program was discontinued until 2010, when it was co-sponsored with Geary Rehab & Fitness. Michele Stimatze was the administrative assistant at the foundation then, and the event coordinator for Walk A Mile. Students and adults walked more than 7,500 miles. Thirty-six bicycles were given as prizes in a drawing for students.

In 2012, the program’s name changed to the Bramlage Family Walk A Mile Day in honor of the Bramlage family and their commitment to healthy lifestyles. The Bramlage Family Foundation now co-sponsors the event with the Geary Community Healthcare Foundation. Sharolyn Adams is the administrative assistant at the foundation, and is the Walk A Mile event coordinator. The event is held on the first Friday in October. Bramlage family members return to Junction City and walk with Lincoln Elementary and Junction City Middle School students to honor the members of the Bramlage family who died in a plane crash. 

Foundation officials estimate that USD 475 schools, St. Xavier and adults who joined in the walk totaled more than 8,000 miles in the 2018 Bramlage Family Walk A Mile Day.

Prizes handed out for the event have been modified this year. For elementary schools, the prizes have changed from distributing two bicycles per school to one bicycle and one scooter in order to accommodate younger students. Safe Kids Kansas provides helmets, which are given with each bicycle and scooter. Middle school students won one of two bicycles and helmets. Students who are receiving a scooter and helmet or bicycle and helmet include:

• Early Childhood Center – Bicycles: Jameson Hannon and Adael Adame

• Eisenhower Elementary – Bicycle: Elliana McNutt ; Scooter: Albert Guerrieri 

• Fort Riley Elementary – Bicycle: Adriana Kildare Rosa; Scooter: Abel Phearsdorf 

• Fort Riley Middle School – Bicycles: Patrick Tucker and Estrella Perez

• Franklin Elementary – Bicycle: Johanna Eddings; Scooter: Cooper Ricard 

• Grandview Plaza Elementary – Bicycle: Dalton Cain; Scooter: Macey McKinney 

• Jefferson Elementary – Bicycle: Connor Morgan; Scooter: Josiah Acosta-Cooper 

• Junction City Middle School – Bicycles: Timothy Nguyen and Mra West 

• Lincoln Elementary School did not provide the names of the winners   

• Milford Elementary – Bicycle: Konner Wolf; Scooter: Cynthia Argeta 

• Morris Hill Elementary – Bicycle: Gabriel Hall; Scooter: Julian Montez 

• Saint Xavier School – Bicycle: Audri Shepherd; Scooter: Georgia Englert 

• Seitz Elementary – Bicycle: Kenneth Layton; Scooter: Elana 

• Sheridan Elementary – Bicycle: Jacob Roeser; Scooter: Trenton Jungnick 

• Spring Valley Elementary – Bicycle: Layla Algoo; Scooter: Pryce Payne

• Ware Elementary – Bicycle: Matua Ishmael; Scooter: Nadia Bock 

• Washington Elementary – Bicycle: Lyric Pope; Scooter: Darsia McCarthy 

• Westwood Elementary – Bicycle: Ameris Blackmon; Scooter: Shaun Montgomery 

The students’ names were also entered into a grand prize drawing for an Xbox. The student who will receive the Xbox is Lucas McClintock at Milford Elementary School.  

Administrators, teachers, support staff and parents who participated were also entered into a grand prize drawing for a Fitbit wristband. Karen Bender at Jefferson Elementary is this year’s recipient.

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