Two major performers at Sundown Salute announced

A crowd cheers during Quiet Riot's rock concert at Sundown Salute in 2017.

Acts for this year’s Sundown Salute have begun being announced. 

Thursday morning, the names of two major performers were revealed by the Geary County Conventions and Visitors Bureau (CVB). 

According to the CVB’s Facebook, the main act for the night of July 3 will be rock and roll band Head East. 

Also taking the stage July and then again July 4 will be Ron Diamond, known on stage as Hypnosismagic, who will be performing his humorous show “Comedy at the Speed of Sleep.”

According to Sundown Salute official Mick Wunder, who is organizing the bands for this year’s festivities, Head East was popular in the 1970s and he believes many older audience members will remember them fondly. Wunder also thinks modern audiences will enjoy the act as well.

“They have some good songs that I think will roll over into this time frame,” he said.

Two other bands are scheduled to perform before Head East at this time. They include Revolution, a Journey tribute band, and Cimino, a rock band out of the Kansas City area.

CVB official Rick Dykstra secured Hypnosismagic after seeing Diamond perform on stage during the Kansas State Fair. According to Dykstra, Hypnosismagic is the only performer with a multi-year contract with the state fair.

“People love him and he does a very upbeat, fun show,” he said. “So I think it’s gonna be very interesting to have him here.”

According to Dykstra, during the course of each hour-long show, 30 people (possibly including leaders from the community) will be invited up on stage to perform with Diamond. 

People who want to be part of the act will need to have tickets beforehand. Dykstra said the CVB would announce how to receive these tickets at a later date.

“We’ve never had this type of act here before,” he said. “I think people are gonna laugh so hard they’re gonna have tears in their eyes.”

The inclusion of the hypnotist is a break from the usual format of Sundown Salute, which largely features musical acts.

“We wanted to draw more people with more variety,” Wunder said. 

According to Wunder, there will be a country music concert Saturday night, a gospel concert Sunday, a soul concert Monday night, and a rock concert Tuesday night. 

An exact time has not been set yet for these acts, but will be announced closer to the dates of the performances. More acts and more information will continue to be released by the CVB as more acts are added and the schedule solidifies. 

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