Sage Boothe

Junction City High School girls soccer freshman Sage Boothe (No. 15) fights with Hayden High School senior Morgan Kurtz (No. 17) for control of the ball Monday night at Al Simpler Stadium in Junction City.

After falling to Emporia High School on the road by a score of 0-2 April 13, the Junction City High School girls soccer team (4-5) returned home to face Hayden High School Monday night at Al Simpler Stadium in Junction City.

Junction City lost by a score of 0-3. 

The game was scoreless for nearly six minutes before Hayden got on the board with a long goal to take a 0-1 lead with 34:51 left in the first half.

Hayden got several more shots on Junction City's goal, but sophomore goalkeeper Elisa Robinson was able to protect the goal. Junction City head coach Mitchell DeHoff talked about Robinson's performance.

"I think she did really well. She had some very good saves. For the most part, we did a good job of limiting (Hayden) to longer range shots, which makes it easier on her," DeHoff said. "When she was tested, she stood in there well. She made some very important saves to keep us in the game."

Hayden added another goal with 2:01 remaining in the first half. 

Junction City trailed by a score of 0-2 at halftime.

Junction City locked down Hayden on defense for the majority of the second half. It allowed a goal with 24:03 remaining in the game to give Hayden a 0-3 lead.

DeHoff talked about his team's second half defense.

"(I was impressed with) how quickly we were to step on the ball. We were very active off the ball on defense. As (Hayden) tried to rotate the ball the majority of the second half, we immediately had someone stepping up and pressing them," DeHoff said. "That was our message after (the Emporia game). We let Emporia be a little too comfortable on the ball. We wanted to disrupt that (Monday)."

One of the defensive standouts for Junction City Monday night was junior Laura Campbell. DeHoff talked about Campbell's performance.

"(Campbell) played incredibly well. We switch her up side-to-side every once in a while, just to give the opposite team some different looks. No matter where she was at on the field, she locked the entire side down (defensively)," DeHoff said. "Not much went through the side she was on. She's always looking to get forward and get on the ball. She's one of the pacesetters for our team when it comes to trying to attack."

DeHoff evaluated how his team performed Monday.

"I think we had some of our best moments of the season (Monday). It was a 0-3 loss, but those were three defensive mistakes. The way we came out in the second half down two, and just trying to attack and get one back in the first five minutes was really good to see," DeHoff said. "That was probably the best five or 10 minutes that we've had all season."

DeHoff talked about what made it tough to work on offense against Hayden's defense.

"Hayden's a very good defensive team. They crowd the area with the ball, which makes it hard to find passes to people who are open. They're also a tall team, as we found out. On some of our longer clearances from the back, it was hard to find our forwards, because they would attack it in the air," DeHoff said.

Junction City will be back in action Friday, when it will travel to Topeka to face Seaman High School.

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